No no i understand what you mean

No no i understand what you mean

Women Thats totally understandable Not really my type But at least its guaranteed that youd have fun around him Thats like chunsungs style Really i thought he was sweet To be really candid it was amazing Someone im attracted to as a person and man He is pretty warm and caring Then are you still in uni too lia Really i dont think hes the kind

Group Omg we couldve run into each other Haha it is What are you doing euntae So out of the four teams one is the mafia team And with the given person thats three

Group I feel the same way What jooyul Well what do you think euntae Haha i love that too Chunsung please never try to be cute lmao Ahaha apologize chunsung Kind of like euntae Mafias always say stuff like that Why dont doubt his sincerity What did i dooo That goes for you too Jooyul

1:1 chat jooyul Wow i actually never thought about that Chunsung ki Male mafia chunsung ki Female mafia gyubin jung

1:1 chat euntae You can just do well next time haha The one i told you about when we watched the movie I mean it is a good playlist wonder who recommended it That sounds ok i guess I like meeting often in person No plans haha no worries Is this what you were leading up to this whole time No it should be me

Women We were all super nervous at first too haha I feel like everyone feels the same way right now haha Priviliaged Im feeling a fruits today

Group Small ground for chunsung in the other chat room haha Hm im wating for soyoung too Haha i think its cute Was the movie good for you euntae Euntae shhhhh

Group There is Wait really what are you doing euntae All rounder jooyul are you a study master as well Good luck on this semester gyubin Sign ups for watching the fight here lol No way it was gona work lol The star pupils of tdl It must be much easier going on trips Everyones living life to the fullest There must be a reason he didnt No im still working Yep im working on something these days haha

1:1 chat euntae You didnt think id have a date chance Your day tomorrow is mine Oh yay im pretty good at vr You too Of course its ok text me after you treat the cat You did really well euntae Recovery spell please its just scribbles Im ok im sorry for being clumsy Hm why What scent do you like more Wearing this i feel like I thought you couldnt drink that well Im curious about you like that is taimi gratis Um about that Someone should be given detention

Friends day euntae Haha i felt like he wouldnt be Im kinda curious too I like that side of him haha I thought euntae likes playing and teasing Hm a man like euntae cha How far apart are him and his sister in age

Women I feel like i would be a little sad if no one comes Does everyone have someone theyre expecting I do have someone im placing my hopes on

Group Master must be flustered right now Wheres euntae Most curious about these two Im curious too hehe Its better if youre in the same area you did good Pass for me Euntae went with me that time Yes please let us meet altogether again

Ara oh You gota tell me everything I think so Its not who i was hoping for but Once again no mistaken thought. I mean its not not true Genuine friends Why did he come Theres no chance anyways I dont see him like that Theres someone named euntae.

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