OFL exclusive offers – Check all of them

OFL exclusive offers – Check all of them

Like any other matchmaking platform, this one has two types of membership, free and paid, so let’s see what one gets in both versions.

Apps for both Android and Apple users are free to download, and the same goes for registration- one can become a member without having to pay anything.

As I mentioned, the majority of users are from the US, but this doesn’t limit people from the rest of the world to express their likenesses to those from the States and vice versa.

At the time being, the following cities are labeled as Core Locations: are New York, Amsterdam, Sao Paulo, Los Angeles, Melbourne, Toronto, Chicago, Singapore, Berlin, London, Paris, San Francisco, and Las Vegas.

This way a member can virtually travel to any of the listed cities, and if one day, he/she visits it for real- then they can meet with each other on a real date.

  • Opportunity to see members who liked you and who want to connect with you
  • Possibility to see when a person was last seen on the app
  • Access to Incognito more, which allows you to hide your profile from the Fb friends who are also using this dating app
  • The option which enables you to use the app in the low light conditions- it’s called Dawn Theme
  • Opportunity to narrow down your search additionally, by using “Filter by Desires”, thanks to which you will see only those whose desires are similar to yours
  • 1 free Ping a day, which allows you to notify the one you like instantly, and boost your chances to connect

People who are new to online dating can often be shy, and they don’t feel comfortable having their pics displayed to other users immediately.

That’s where Private Photos come in handy, as it gives you the chance to hide your photo from those who are not among your Connections.

Your profile won’t be displayed in Discovery, others will receive the message which informs to whom is the pic visible.

The good thing is that the status of your connections doesn’t affect the visibility- both those with regular subscription and those with upgraded membership will be able to see it if you are connected.

All the upgrades work as an in-app purchase, so those who want to cancel any of the options will have to do so in Google Play or App Store.

Those who want to cancel their upgraded membership should do so at least 48 hours before the renewal comes so that the app wouldn’t charge the next month.

For a platform with such a great story, with so many options for gender and sexuality, I expected a similar level of creativity for features.


Let’s start with the registration process-the only thing you need is an active Fb profile it’s as simple as that.

You can filter the members by several criteria- age range, distance, sexuality, account type (whether one’s profile is a single or a couple) as well as Feeld Cores

This surely may seem a bit discriminatory to those who don’t use this social network, but there’s a reason why the team behind this app wanted it like that.

Many people skip this step, as it’s not mandatory, which is a shame because profiles often look incomplete and a bit empty.

What’s even more important- there will be no doubts about what to expect from the site, how to use it, etc.

Nude and rude-looking ones are not permitted, so find some presentable pics to make sure your profile looks nice and attractive.

The team has found more than a humorous way to explain why Sugar Momma Sites dating app such pics are not allowed- because “society is not ready yet”, which comes in the form of a warning message.

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