Tinder allows you to use the application and sign up without a Facebook account

Tinder allows you to use the application and sign up without a Facebook account

  • Download the app, create a new account
  • Choose the option to sign up with your phone number
  • You will get a text message to verify the phone number
  • Set a password and log in

If you ever get locked out of your account or forget your password, this will be where the information goes to help you log back in. If you are planning on getting a new phone or switching phones at any time, make sure to update the app before you completely take that line out of service.

4. Log in with your Email

If you would prefer to not have your Facebook or your phone number synced to the application, you can log in with your email. However, this is the same as logging in with your phone number. To remain private and discreet you probably should create a separate email address to log in with.

This will allow your private life and personal life to not mix in and reduces your chances of getting caught. If your significant other has access to your email or phone, it may be best to make sure that you are using separate https://datingranking.net/ accounts so you do not get caught.

5. Be Discreet

Tinder offers some options where you can not appear in the community, but you can still swipe on other profiles. When you upgrade to a different tier, you can change your privacy settings so you can not appear for people to swipe on.

However, when you have this option engaged, you will not appear to others so you can not be swiped on. This is good if you just want to see who is in your area or just want to chat to your current matches without getting anymore. If the other person has a premium account as well, they can still see you swiping without being public.

6. Minimal Photos

Going back to when we created this fake profile, you need to make sure that you are not recognizable in your photos. You do not have to use full photos of yourself and highlight your attractive features without showing your face. This may lead to less matching because those swiping may probably prefer to see a face.

This helps lessen any fear that you may be a bot or a troll. While you are trying to protect your best interests, the person on the other side of the profile may need to protect theirs as well. The less you show in the photo, the more you can reveal.

Some users probably are okay with seeing an attractive body to a face. Photos taken at different angles that highlight attractive physical features can still get some swipes to help you match.

If you are easily recognizable by any tattoos or body modifications, you can try to wear some sunglasses, a hat, or some coverings so you do not get recognized easily. You can use long sleeve shirts, scarves, or jackets to cover up any tattoos. Some apps even let you modify photos to remove tattoos and such.

7. Keep your Information Minimal

While you can now keep your Facebook, account separate from your Tinder and you can not see mutual friends, you still need to keep your information to a minimum. You do not want someone to see the profile and relate it to you when you are trying to be discreet.

You could share too much information like your location, interests, or personal information that could be used to identify you. If you share a photo, make sure it can not be reverse image searched and your location is broad. Any interests that you have that would separate you from someone else, would be best to keep off your profile.

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